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To start, read our comprehensive generator buying guide. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to choose the generator that will work best for your needs.

Whole House Standby Generators

If you’re looking for the best whole house standby generator, then our standby generator reviews will be the place for you to start. We have thoroughly analyzed the top standby generators on the market and narrowed our picks to the top 5. This should make your decision quick and easy.

Portable Propane Generators

Need a portable propane generator? Read our portable propane generator reviews. As all of the reviews we do here at GeneratorWhiz, we have scrutinized the leading portable propane generators on the market to bring you our top 5 choices. No more wondering about which one works best. We have already done the research.

Every Type Of Generator

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for the best inverter generators, portable diesel generators, portable dual fuel generators, or portable gas generators, we have done the research to make your decision as easy as possible.

How We Do Our Research And Make Our Picks

GeneratorWhiz is made up of a team of people that know everything there is to know about generators. Our only purpose is to study every generator on the market and bring our findings to you.

We do this first by carefully looking at every generator brand on the market to see which brands are best. From there we do extensive product source research. We then look at up to 75 generators, analyzing consumer and expert feedback, and eventually narrow this down to our top 5 picks. This can take several days to complete the whole process.

So for example, let’s say we’re looking to find the best inverter generator money can buy.

Our first step would be to look at the best inverter generator brands. Then, we look closely at sources for these inverter generators. From these sources we look at up to 75 of the best inverter generators, analyzing and compiling consumer and expert feedback. This allows us to rate the generators. After we rate each inverter generator, from this list we make our top 5 inverter generators choices. These choices are then written into a detailed review like you see here on GeneratorWhiz.

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