Yanmar Generators (Reviews, Picks, And Brand Guide)

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Yanmar Generator reviewIn 1912, Yanmar produced their first gas engine. At this time, they were called Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho. The company adopted the Yanmar name in 1921.

They launched their HB model diesel engine in 1933. At this time, it was the first commercially viable small diesel engine in the world. Between 1933 and 1967, the company continued to open new manufacturing plants throughout Japan.

In 1967, the company also started producing tractors, with the YM273 being their first model. It operated at 23 horsepower. By 1971, they were creating new heavy equipment, including their mini excavators.

By 1975, they started further expanding the company. At this time, they went to Indonesia to open their agricultural machinery manufacturing facility. Two years later, they made an agreement with John Deere, a US-based company, to export tractors.

In 1978, they headed to Thailand to establish Yanmar Co LTD. Two years later in 1980, they launched their FZ22 pleasure boat model and a 5,000-horsepower engine, the largest output engine the company had manufactured.

Between 1980 and 1984, the company continued to work on a variety of diesel engines. In 1988, they expanded their business to the Netherlands. They produced their 10 millionth diesel engine in 1992. The company made their way to the US in 1998, opening their first manufacturing plant in the country.

Diesel engines continued to be a major focus for this company. They also continued to expand their operations in different countries throughout the world. As a result, they accumulated numerous awards for their innovation, including one in 2000 for their micro gas cogeneration systems.

In 2006, they developed a relationship with another multi-national company called Himoinsa. At this time, Yanmar manufactured the diesel engines that Himoinsa used to create their generators.

By 2015, Yanmar acquired a majority stake in Himoinsa after seeing the increasing demand for on-site generators. Now, you can find Yanmar generators. The company is not only manufacturing the engines, but the entire generator.

While working on this Yanmar generator review, we learned that they plan to maintain their relationship with Himoinsa while also working on technology and improvements for this brand of generators and Yanmar generators.

The company continues to focus on their diesel engines for Yanmar generators and their other range of products.

Yanmar Generator’s NASCAR Alliance

While doing research for this Yanmar generator review, we discovered that Yanmar generators will take part in the world of NASCAR. Some of the best Yanmar generator options will be track side to provide power to various equipment at the race.

Yanmar generators will also sponsor a car that will debut on the ISM Raceway as part of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series in November of 2019.

Advantages of Diesel Engines in Generators

The best Yanmar generator uses a diesel engine. Diesel engines and fuel are advantageous for many reasons, including:

  • Compared to other types of fuel, diesel tends to be the most efficient. These engines have a higher compression rating, allowing them to use less fuel to generator a higher level of power. Because of this, you get more run-time out of every full tank of diesel fuel.
  • Diesel engines tend to require less maintenance compared to other engine types. The fuel in a diesel engine is ignited not using a spark. Fuel is instead ignited using compressed hot air. Since there is not a spark-style system, there is a lowered need for maintenance and the engine tends to be more reliable.
  • The flashpoint of diesel is higher compared to that of unleaded gasoline. Because of this, the diesel engines in Yanmar generators is less likely to be a fire hazard. This is especially good when you are using your generator long-term or during times of power outages related to severe weather.
  • Diesel engines have more torque compared to other engine types. This is largely due to diesel fuel having higher compression and a slower fuel burn. With a greater level of torque, the engine has an increased ability to accelerate and pull loads, making this engine type better when you are running your generator at a full load.
  • You do not have to worry about any tuneups for the generator’s engine due to be being diesel. This is because these engines do not contain any distributors or spark plugs.

Yanmar is known for its diesel engines. For more than 100 years, they have been designing and manufacturing this type of engine. This has allowed them to get more innovative over the years.

Yanmar’s diesel generator engines are rugged. Because of this, the generators can withstand a lot of use, making them a good choice when you need a generator that will be used frequently and for long periods of time.

Specifications and Features of Yanmar Generators

This brand of generators has a lot of specifications and features that are important to learn about. Having knowledge of what they have to offer will make it easier to choose the generator that best meets your needs.


The design of this brand’s generators ensure that they operate as very quiet generators. Even the larger generators usually have a decibel level of 85 or lower. This is not much louder than a standard home vacuum.

Several of the generator models have a muffler that furthers how quiet they are when they are operating. The muffler will make the sound that comes out of the generator reduced without interfering with the power the generator produces.

Since the generators are quiet, you can use them for a variety of applications, including at home or at a worksite.

Low Vibration

When a generator is able to vibrate a lot, this can make it louder. A lot of vibration may also contribute to wear of the generator’s housing.

Yanmar designs their generators to have a low level of vibration. Even as you increase the load on your generator, you do not have to worry about the level of vibration increasing.

This company uses things like rubber blocks to help to absorb the foundation when the device is running. With these blocks, the generator remains more stable even when you are running it at its full wattage load.

Another thing that helps to reduce the vibration is the durability of the housing. Heavy-duty steel and metal are used to ensure protection of the generator so that the vibration that does occur does not negatively impact the generator’s structural integrity.

Different Starting Options

Several of the generators that this brand offers lets you choose between electric and manual starting. This allows you to pick the starting option that you most prefer.

Both starting types allow the engine to come to life within seconds. You do not have to worry about issues like delayed starting. This brand of generators are also designed to start just as fast when the environment’s temperature is cold.

Durable Build

Yanmar uses strong materials to build all of the components of their generators. You do not have to worry about things like the frames cracking or premature rusting. Because of this, you can use your generator regularly without issues with the unit’s structural integrity.

The materials that they use do not require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. You will just follow general maintenance methods to keep everything in good condition. For example, keep your generator dry and never store it in a place with a lot of moisture to keep all of the components in good working order.

High-Capacity Fuel Tanks

With a high-capacity fuel tank, you can get more run-time out of every full tank of fuel. Since Yanmar creates generators that are for multiple uses, when you run them at half load on a full tank, you can often get a minimum of eight hours of run-time.

Built-In Meters

Generators from this brand often have built-in meters to help you keep an eye on the operation of your unit. For example, you will find that several models have an hour meter and a voltmeter.

The hour meter is especially beneficial because when you track how long the device has been running, it is easy to know when to change the oil and perform other maintenance tasks. By using a voltmeter, you will always know the voltage that your generator is working with to avoid issues like overloading.

The Following Are Among the Best Yanmar Generator Options

Finding the best Yanmar generator requires looking at some of the best options that are available. While we researched for this Yanmar generator review, we found the following to be some of the most viable Yanmar generators.

Yanmar YDG5500W Portable Diesel Generator

Yanmar YDG5500W Portable Diesel Generator

The Yanmar YDG5500W Portable Diesel Generator has 5,500 starting watts and 5,000 running watts, making it ideal for commercial and residential purposes. It has both 120 and 240 rated voltage, allowing you to run a variety of items. 12-volt DC power is also possible with this generator.

When you fill the fuel tank, you can expect six to 15 hours of run-time, depending on the load. This is due to it using diesel and having a small and efficient engine.

There are rubber blocks that the generator sits on. This helps to alleviate horizontal and vertical vibrations. As a result of this feature, the generator runs as quietly as possible. It also has an exhaust system for further quietness.

It has an electric start that lets you get the engine going fast. The generator will start fast even in low temperatures. Its durability and fewer parts ensure that you do not have to perform a lot of routine maintenance.

What We Liked

  • The mounting system is easy
  • It has a large fuel tank
  • You can choose the voltage

What We Didn’t Like

  • This generator is heavy at 250 pounds

Yanmar YDG6600TN Portable Generator


The Yanmar YDG6600TN Portable Generator has 6,600 starting watts and 5,500 running watts, allowing you to connect a variety of electronic items at the same time. You can use it in many environments, including worksites and for residential power during an outage.

The electric starting system makes it fast and easy to get your generator operating. This means that there is no delay in getting the power that you need.

Its fuel tank can hold up to 13 liters of diesel gas at a time. This gives you approximately five to 5.5 hours of operation time when you are using the generator at full load.

Despite its larger size, the generator works at about 85 decibel levels. Because of this, it is relatively quiet even when you are using it at full load.

The durable housing ensures that the inside components of your generator are protected. This ensures that it can withstand regular use.

What We Liked

  • You can start it quickly
  • It has three phases
  • The generator is relatively quiet

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is heavier compared to similar generators

Yanmar YTB5.0S Generator

The Yanmar YTB5.0S Generator has a variety of features that make it convenient and safe to use, including a pilot lamp, voltmeter, safety breaker and an hour meter. It also includes a voltage change slot with its four-way power output terminal.

This generator has 7,000 starting watts and 6,300 running watts. Its standard voltage includes 110/220 and 220. Due to these features, this generator is a good choice for your home and at worksites.

You can choose the starting system that you prefer. The options include electric starting and manual starting. Manual starting uses a pull cord that you pull up on to get the engine started.

This generator’s fuel tank has a capacity of 10.5 liters, allowing for hours of run-time. It is a single-phase generator that uses diesel as its fuel source, allowing for a high level of fuel efficiency.

The generator does not require a lot of maintenance. Use the hour meter to determine when you need to change the oil.

What We Liked

  • There are safety covers
  • This generator is very fuel efficient
  • Its design is user-friendly

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not come with wheels