John Deere Generator Review And Brand Guide

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best John Deere generator reviewJohn Deere’s origins go back to when Deere invented a steel plow in 1837. What set this plow apart from the rest was that it would not clog when being used to till the soil of the American Midwest prairie. Deere started as a blacksmith and evolved into a manufacturer.

In 1877, the company, then referred to as Deere and Mansur Company, started manufacturing corn planters. By 1883, the company had five best-selling products, including Gilpin sulkies, shovel plows, walking plows, cultivators and harrows. The product they sold the most of during this time were the walking plows.

By 1913, the company grew to $30.7 million in sales. In 1918, they got into the tractor business, buying the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company. Following the Great Depression, the company saw a distinct drop in sales, but they continued to introduce new products, including different tractor models.

In 1937, the company had amassed more than $100 million in sales and they celebrated the company’s 100th anniversary. Once they got to 1943, they started making ammunition, mobile and cargo laundry units, military tractors and aircraft parts to support militaries during World War II.

The company started their Industrial Equipment Division in 1958. During this time, they introduced a variety of construction equipment. In 1963, the company introduced their Consumer Equipment Division which included a variety of lawn and garden items, such as snow blowers and lawnmowers.

They started assembling excavators in the US in 1988. This began after the company joined forces with Hitachi, a Japanese company. Between 1998 and 2000, the company acquired more companies so that they could start producing sugarcane harvesting equipment and forestry equipment.

In 2018, John Deere had $37.357 billion in revenue. This includes sales of John Deere generators and their other products.

Types of John Deere Generators

While working on this John Deere generator review, we learned that the company offers a wide array of John Deere generators. The best John Deere generator for your needs will depend on the level of wattage that you need. There are generators for home and commercial use.

The home generators range from those that are portable to models that are capable of powering your entire home. Many of these generators run for an average of four to eight hours at half to full load, depending on the model. This gives you sufficient power time when your grid electricity is out.

Both small and large models either have wheels or they are compatible with John Deere wheel kits. With the wheels, it is easier to move the generators around so that you can ensure proper placement with limited effort. These kits also usually include a handle so that you can pull the generator without needing to touch the engine and other components.

The industrial generators are ideal for worksites and small businesses. You can use these to provide power to tools and other similar equipment. They can also keep some power going to your small business so that you can continue to work and provide a service during a power outage.

These tend to be larger because they are designed to handle a higher wattage. Like the larger home generators, you can usually either attach a wheel and handle kit, or the generator might already come with these features to make it easier to move them around.

Some of the home and industrial generator models can be connected using a transfer switch. With this switch, once the power at your home or business goes out, your generator knows to kick itself on so that your power is restored quickly. This switch also tells the device to turn itself off once the grid power is restored.

Features of John Deere Generators

While writing this John Deere generator review, there were several features associated with John Deere generators that stood out. Exploring this information makes it easier to see what these generators have to offer.

Fuel and Maintenance

One common feature of the generators manufactured by John Deere is an hour meter, as they come standard on most of this brand’s units. You will use this meter to know how long your generator has been running. This information makes it easy to know when you need to change the oil and perform other maintenance tasks.

Large-capacity fuel tanks are another common feature of this brand’s generators. Because of this, you get longer run times since you will not have to stop your generator and refuel as often. In addition, several models also have a fuel gauge. This will tell you exactly how much gasoline you have left so that you can plan for when you need to add more fuel.

Noise Level

There are several models that operate under 70 decibels, making them a good choice for residential areas. A decibel level below 70 will not disturb your neighbors, allowing you to run your generator day and night. You can also keep the unit relatively close to your home without the noise disturbing your family.

Another feature that helps to keep the generators quiet is low-tone mufflers. This generator brand also uses enhanced vibration dampeners on several of their generator models. With this feature, the noise that comes from the generator is further quieted to reduce the overall decibel level when the unit is operating.

Compatible Electronics

Generators from this brand can accommodate items that need 120 volts, 240 volts or a combination of these. Some units can accommodate items that use either of these.

You will find numerous types of outlets, allowing you to find a generator that can handle just about anything that you need to get power to. This includes grounded outlets so that you can plug in items safely.

Many of this brand’s generators have a total harmonic distortion of below six percent. This level of THD means that the generator can safely handle your sensitive electronics. Issues like power surges that could damage smaller items will not be a factor with a THD that is this low.

Other Features

This brand uses OHV engines for all of their generators. With this type of engine, you can enjoy more time in between maintenance and the need for fewer maintenance tasks. For the most part, you should change the oil according to the instructions in the owner’s manual and perform regular visual inspections to keep your unit in good condition.

The batteries in these devices will charge when you are using your generator. You never need to worry about ensuring that the batteries have a charge before using your generator, alleviating another task you need to do before starting the unit.

John Deere uses high-quality materials ensuring optimal durability with their generators. This includes using aluminum and copper for the windings. These materials will not wear down prematurely, ensuring solid structural integrity long-term.

You will push a button a pull a cord to start the generator, depending on the model that you choose. The engines will not hesitate, ensuring that you can get the unit on quickly to start supplying power to your home or worksite. With automatic idle control, you can rest assured that your generator’s engine will run smoothly even when you are using it for extended periods of time.

The Following Are Among the Best John Deere Generator Options

While we compiled this John Deere generator review, we noticed that some of the John Deere generators stood out. When you are looking to narrow down your choices to the best John Deere generator options, the following John Deere generators likely provide the specifications and features that you need.

John Deere AC-G14010H Industrial Generator

John Deere AC-G14010H Industrial Generator

The John Deere AC-G14010H Industrial Generator is compliant with all EPA and CARB emissions standards. It also follows all of the CSA standards. This ensures that the generator is safe and that you can use it for both commercial and home use.

Its maximum wattage is 14,000 watts, making this is a good choice when you need a generator to run your entire home. This level of wattage is enough to run larger equipment, such as a sump pump or an air conditioning system.

There is an hour meter so that you can track how long the generator operates. With this information, it is easier to tell when you need to refuel or change the oil. This generator has 120V/240V voltage, making it possible to plug in items that are a higher voltage without causing any issues with overloading the generator.

What We Liked

  • It can run a whole home
  • The engine is powerful
  • There are multiple outlets

What We Didn’t Like

  • It can be noisy

John Deere PR-G3600M Portable Generator

PR-G3600M Portable Generator PR-G3600M

The John Deere PR-G3600M Portable Generator has 3,000 running watts and 3,600 starting watts. It works on gasoline, making it easy to find fuel when you need to refuel the unit. This is one of the John Deere generators that has a fuel tank capacity of four gallons.

This generator’s windings are made from aluminum and copper. With these materials, you can be sure that the generator will be durable. You can use it frequently without having to worry about these components breaking down prematurely.

This is one of the best John Deere generator options for those who need to provide power to sensitive electronics. It has under six percent total harmonic distortion, ensuring that it will not send surges of power to your mobile and other smaller electronic devices.

The low-tone muffler helps to keep it quiet when it is working. Start it fast thanks to the recoil start engine.

What We Liked

  • It is quiet
  • The generator has low total harmonic distortion
  • This unit requires little maintenance

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is heavier than comparable generators

John Deere Large Frame Generator

John Deere Large Frame Generator

The John Deere Large Frame Generator is one of the mid-sized John Deere generators. It has 6,000 starting watts and 5,000 running watts. You can use this generator for general power purposes since it has enough power for many of your electronic essentials, such as lights, small devices and even a mini refrigerator.

You can plug a variety of items into this generator since it has 120V/240V voltage. Its OHV engine will maintain its power even when you are running the generator for a long period of time. Should the oil level get too low when this unit is working, it turns itself off. Because of this feature, you can rest assured that the engine will be protected.

At full load, it will run for about eight hours. The fuel tank can hold up to 7.3 gallons of gasoline. You can keep an eye on the fuel level using the fuel gauge.

What We Liked

  • It has a large fuel tank
  • This generator has an hour meter
  • The unit starts fast

What We Didn’t Like

  • The wheel kit does not come standard