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Kohler Generator reviews
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In 1873, John Michael Kohler founded Kohler Co. He started the business in Kohler, Wisconsin where the headquarters reside today. The company’s most popular items are their plumbing products and fixtures. However, they offer a vast selection of items, including Kohler generators.

This international company offers their generators and other items all throughout the world. As we worked on this Kohler review, we discovered that they have multiple divisions, including Kohler Kitchens, Kohler LuxStone Showers, Kohler Design Service and Kohler Walk-In Bath.

Initially when they started, their products included steel and cast iron farm implements, ornamental iron items and furniture factory castings. The bubbling valve drinking fountain came in the early 20th century. From here, the company continued to expand upon their offerings.

As we wrote this Kohler review, we discovered that it was in 1920 when the first Kohler generators hit the market. At this time, they were designed to be for residential backup power.

In 1929, this company made headlines throughout the world for the South Pole Expedition led by Admiral Richard Byrd. He and his crew brought along the best Kohler generator of the time to get the power they needed for lighting and to stay warm despite Antarctica’s subzero temperatures. During this same year, the company made headlines again for their generators being used to power Hollywood film equipment.

The power that helped construction crews to build the Hoover damn was available thanks to Kohler generators. This massive engineering project began in 1931. Crews used this brand of generators to have the light needed to complete their work.

Kohler takes great pride in the face that they are not swayed by the stock market. While working on this Kohler generator review, we also learned that this company does not answer to shareholders. Due to these two facts, you can be confident that customers come first. Since its start in the mid-to-late 1800s, this company has been family-owned and private. It remains that way today.

They continue to produce a wide array of generators for homes. However, you can also explore this company to find the best Kohler generator for industrial and commercial use.

This company continues to work on its technology to produce the best Kohler generator options. They have teams of experts that work on upgrading existing technology and working on new innovations to help to make their products even more user-friendly, powerful and efficient.

The Types of Kohler Generators

As we compiled this Kohler generator review, we found out that the company produces units in three primary categories. Before buying a generator, it is important to learn about the different types to see which one will provide all of the features and power that you need.

Portable Generators

This brand’s portable generators range from 1,800 to 12,300 watts. They are designed for several environments, such as camping, mobile activities, job sites and tailgating. However, you can also use one for your home. At home, use one to power individual things, such as a lamp or your microwave.

Depending on the model that you choose, you can run these generators using either liquid propane or gasoline. They typically come with a wheel kit if they are a bit larger so that you can still move them around with ease.

Home Generators

The company’s home generators range from 6,000 to 30,000 watts. These units are much larger than portable ones and not meant to be moved around. They are placed on your property and you can use a transfer switch to connect them to the power grid of your home.

When your grid electricity fails, the transfer switch works to turn the generator on. This allows your power to be restored within seconds. Depending on the size that you choose, these can power everything from pumps, to HVAC equipment to the large appliances in your home.

If you connect one to your home, you can also feed a natural gas line to the generator. This ensures a constant supply of fuel. However, you can also choose to use liquid propane. This brand’s home generators are powerful, but they are also sensitive so that your smallest electronics can be connected to them safely.

Small Business Generators

These Kohler generators are classified as commercial generators. They typically provide standby power, meaning that you can connect them to your building’s power via a transfer switch. You can opt to run it via the natural gas line that runs to your building, eliminating the need for refueling. Most of the models will also operate using propane.

You can find models in varying sizes. Consider the wattage needs of your commercial space to determine how much power you need to keep all of its electrical components working during an outage.

Kohler Generator Technology and Features

This brand is known for several features that make their generators reliable and convenient. The technology also helps to further the efficiency when you are using your unit.

PowerBoost Technology

With some generators, when you have items of varying sizes plugged in, smaller items may get dropped power when you plug in a larger item, such as an air conditioner. However, this technology prevents this from happening so that you can power items of varying wattage requirements without any power being sacrificed.

Remote Monitoring

Some of the larger generators offer remote monitoring via the OnCue Plus Generator Management System. By using this feature, you can essentially keep an eye on how well your unit is functioning. You can use it no matter where you are in the world. Take advantage of remote monitoring to check on the usage history of your generator and to get alerts regarding its overall health.

Durable Enclosures

This brand puts effort into creating enclosures that will not experience premature structural integrity issues. The materials that they use are resistant to corrosion. Because of this, you do not have to worry about rusting. Since the enclosure is so durable, this keeps the generator’s internal components protected, even in inclement weather.

Low Decibel Ratings

Even the home standby generators that are operating at 30,000 watts and higher are very quiet. In fact, one of their 30,000-watt generators only produce 54 decibels when it is working. This noise level is less than what you hear when two people are talking.

Overload Protection

If your generator gets overloaded, various components can sustain damage. This could also lead to damage to any of the items that you have plugged into it. With overload protection, you will know when you are demanding too much wattage from the generator so that you can quickly make adjustments before any issues start to arise.

Hour Meter

Most of the brand’s generators have an hour meter. This feature is important because you typically need to perform certain maintenance tasks every so many running hours. Use this meter to know when the next maintenance tasks are needed.

The Following Are Among the Best Kohler Generators

As we wrote this Kohler generator review, we identified three units that had the best ratings and the most diversity regarding features and usage. Explore these generators while you are looking to find the best Kohler generator for your business or home to get an idea about the units that the company manufactures.

Kohler EnCUBE1.8 Rechargeable Power Supply

Kohler enCUBE1.8 Rechargeable Power Supply 1800 Watts

The Kohler EnCUBE1.8 Rechargeable Power Supply is not one of the traditional Kohler generators. However, it serves the same purpose by providing some small items with power. This unit is a good choice for things like a small light when you are camping or recharging your mobile devices.

You will not need any fuel to power this device. Instead, just keep it charged by plugging it into a standard wall outlet or using compatible portable solar panels. There is no engine, so it does not produce any noise when it is working. You also do not have to worry about hazardous fumes since this unit does not use any gas to get it working.

It has a handle and two wheels so that you can pull it into the proper position. You can keep an eye on its status by viewing the output and input, battery status and run-time on the digital display located on top of the device.

What We Liked

  • This unit operates silently
  • You do not have to track fuel levels
  • The device does not put out any emissions

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not a traditional generator, so you need to charge it

Kohler Air-Cooled Standby Generator

The Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS Standby Generator has 20,000 running watts. It is one of the best Kohler generator options because you can connect it to your home via a transfer switch. When your utility power goes out, it only takes 10 seconds or less for the unit to engage and restore the power to your home.

This device comes with a remote control so that you can start it up when you want without needing to go outside. Run it using either propane or natural gas. Take advantage of the 16 outlets to provide power to numerous devices and items throughout your home.

It is a big and powerful generator, but it operates at 69 decibels. Use the hour meter to know when it is the right time to perform routine maintenance. Other protective and convenience features include the low-oil shutdown that reduces engine damage risk and overload protection.

What We Liked

  • You can connect it to your home with the included transfer switch
  • There is enough power for your entire house
  • It restores your power within seconds

What We Didn’t Like

  • You need to get a professional to install it before you can start using it

Kohler PRO90 Portable Generator

The Kohler PRO90 Portable Generator has both 9,000 running and starting watts. A generator of this size is ideal for worksites or powering your essentials when your home has no electricity. Fire up the engine using the recoil start. When it is operating, it does so at 9.7 horsepower.

While the unit is working, it puts out 78 decibels. The fuel tank holds up to eight gallons. At half load, you get about 11 hours so that you get through about half of the day before needing to refuel. This generator uses gasoline.

It weighs about 200 pounds. However, since there is a wheel kit that comes with it, you can move it around without trouble. Once you get it into the proper position, you can use the six outlets for a variety of items from small appliances to lights to providing electricity to your worksite’s power tools.

What We Liked

  • You can refill the fuel easily
  • There is a display to help you know when to perform maintenance
  • It is portable

What We Didn’t Like

  • This generator is much heavier than similar portable units

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