Best Honda Generator Reviews (Complete Brand Guide)

Best Honda Generator Reviews
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The Honda company opened their doors in 1953, manufacturing small engines for a variety of power equipment items. Honda Generators was introduced to the United States market in 1973. In 2015, the company reported that they had sold more than 40 million products throughout the United States.

Honda has manufactured about 46,000 gas generators in various sizes in China, India, the United States, Japan, France and Thailand. These are supplied to countries throughout the world, with the majority being sold in Europe and North America.

As we compiled this Honda generator review, we learned that the best Honda generator can be used in numerous environments and for many purposes, including:

  • An emergency power source for your home during a blackout
  • For camping and other outdoor leisure activities
  • At an outdoor construction site where there is no grid power

Important Facts About Honda Generators

As we did our research for this Honda generator review, we found that the company produces three types of generators. The following information explains the technology that makes the best Honda generator run:

  • They produce a variety of generators that feature a conventional cylindrical alternator. However, they have two additional options, including sine wave inverters and high-speed multi-pole alternators.
  • In 2006, they released their first ultra-quiet generator. This is the EU55is model.
  • Their conventional generator is built to be low in cost and it features a simple structure. This allows the device to be very lightweight, high in efficiency and compact in size.
  • They have a sine wave inverter generator that is ideal for telecommunication’s equipment since it is sensitive and does not allow for power surges that could damage these types of items. This type is also easy to operate and highly reliable.
  • This company has a sine wave inverter with dual voltage capabilities. You can use this generator for bigger spaces, such as an office or a store so that you have emergency power when you need it. It is also capable of powering household appliances up to 200 volts.
  • In 1998, Honda introduced their sine wave inverter that produced very low noise and low fuel consumption. This was done to supplement their eco-throttle mechanism. Due to this combination of technologies, the generators that use them allow for parallel operation so that you can get more power when you need it.
  • The eco-throttle mechanism allows the engine to operate at the speed that is optimal for the power load that it is producing. This is become the engine is automatically controlled via an electronic governor. With this mechanism, the generator puts out a very low level of noise and it provides excellent fuel efficiency.

Common Features of Honda Generators

While working on this Honda generator review, there were several features that were frequently mentioned. These include:

  • Fuel efficiency: This brand has several different types of technology that allow for longer run times with increased fuel efficiency. Two of the most common into Auto Throttle and Eco Throttle.
  • Portability: There are numerous models that are designed to be easy to transport. They are lightweight, and either have a wheel kit or built-in handles so that you can move them around with ease.
  • Quiet operation: One of Honda’s most attractive features is how quiet their generators are. This is due to a four-stroke engine that provides sufficient power without being loud. Several models also feature a muffler that further reduces the decibels that the generators operate at.
  • Clean power: You can connect sensitive items without any issues with power surges that could fry a cellphone or a similar item. There are several technologies that allow for the clean power, including several voltage regulating systems, such as Inverter, DAVR, iAVR and CycloConverter.

Generator Size Options

Generators manufactured by Honda come in a variety of sizes, ranging from about 1,000 watts to 10,000 watts. While analyzing these devices to write this Honda generator review, we found that their larger generators are enough to power multiple larger items in your home at the same time. For example, you can keep your air conditioner and refrigerator going while simultaneously giving power to other smaller items.

Recent Technology Enhancements for Their Generators

Honda is innovative, so they are constantly looking for ways to make their generators efficient and reliable. There are several enhancements that they have made to help you to get more out of your chosen generator from this brand.

The newer engines can provide approximately 10 percent more power than the previous models. However, they do it more efficiently, so that you are using less fuel and gaining longer run times.

Oil changes are easier thanks to advancements with this brand of generators. There is a longer spout and the oil drain gutter is bigger, allowing you to change the oil easier and clean up faster once you finish the task.

You can learn how to use all of the functions easier since the newer models feature color-coded contact points. Because of this, you can easily identify the elements that correspond to the information in the help guide so that you can start using your generator quickly after you receive it.

The generators produced by Honda are more durable than ever before. This is due to the stamped metal recoil insert. You will not have to worry about the pull cords failing prematurely, making it easier to start your generator whenever you need it.

Store your generator faster and easier because of the fuel shutoff valve. This feature reduces issues related to stale fuel so that you can get your generator running quickly when the power goes out.

All of the newer generators by Honda have enhanced ventilation areas. This allows for improved inverter cooling and better air flow.

The Following Are Among the Best Honda Generators

While performing research for this Honda generator review, we found three generators that checked all the boxes regarding flexibility, reliability and quality. These devices have the highest ratings, giving you a good starting point when you are shopping for a generator from this brand.

Best Honda Generator – Honda EU2200ITAG Super Quiet 2200-Watt Generator

Honda EU2200ITAG 2200-Watt Super Quiet Gas Power Portable Inverter Generator

The Honda EU2200ITAG Super Quiet 2200-Watt Generator is a smaller generator, making it an ideal choice when you are looking for a portable device. It weighs approximately 54 pounds and the top of the device has a built-in handle, so that you can grab it and go whenever you need it.

At 50 percent load, you get about four hours of run-time. The fuel tank holds up to 0.95 gallons at a time. It is quick and easy to add more gas since the opening is right on top of the generator.

This generator is CARB compliant, so you can use it on worksites without violating any laws or regulations. There are two outlets that allow you to run items that operate at 120 volts.

This gasoline-powered generator functions at 3.7 horsepower. The Honda engine has automatic idle control to ensure smooth operation throughout the duration of its run-time. With the low-oil shutoff feature, this device’s engine is protected should this fluid run low during operation.

You can use this small generator just about anywhere. It operates at 57 decibels, ensuring that it is quiet and will not disrupt anyone who is nearby. This generator provides 2,200 starting watts and 1,800 running watts, which is sufficient to power a variety of items.

Use this generator for sensitive items due to its built-in inverter. The power that this unit provides is clean and consistent. It also has an overload protection feature so that you cannot accidentally plug in items with wattage that is too high so that not only are your items protected, but also the components of this generator.

Honda EB2800IA Inverter Portable Gas Generator

Honda Power Equipment EB2800IA Power Equipment, 2800W, 120V Inverter Portable Gas Generator, Steel

The Honda EB2800IA Inverter Portable Gas Generator is a good choice for both industrial and residential use. You can use it on a worksite without any issues since it is LA-ETL and OSHA compliant, and it has GFCI protection.

This versatile and lightweight generator provides 2,500 running watts and 2,800 starting watts. Connect your 120-volt items to get clean power that will not cause damage to anything that you plug into it.

You can take advantage of Honda’s inverter technology with this device. This ensures that you can power sensitive electronics and that you will get optimal fuel efficiency no matter how long the generator is running.

Even though this generator is powerful, it operates quietly at just 69 decibels. Because of this, you do not have to worry about noise disruptions when you are operating it. There is also a muffler built-in that further keeps the engine quiet when it is running.

It features a recoil start that requires a quick pull of the cord to get the engine going. Once running, the engine operates at 3.6 horsepower. Other features of the engine include low-oil shutdown and automatic idle control.

The short circuit protection helps to protect against damage to the items that you connect to this generator. There are four outlets, allowing you to connect several items at once.

When you are running this generator at 50 percent load, you can expect to get about eight hours of consistent and reliable run-time. You can keep an eye on the gasoline level so that you will quickly know when you need to add more to the tank. The gas tank on this unit can hold up to 2.1 gallons of fuel.

Honda EB5000 Industrial Generator

4,500 Watt Super Quiet

The HONDA EB5000 Industrial Generator operates at 52 decibels, making it a very quiet unit, especially for its larger size. It features 4,500 rated watts and 7,000 maximum watts. With this level of power, you can operate larger items, such as a refrigerator or similar appliance.

This device has an air-cooled engine to help to prevent overheating with extended use. The single cylinder engine comes to life via a push-button electric start. Its engine is highly durable, and it is designed to handle items with higher levels of wattage without failing under the pressure.

The fuel tank holds 6.2 gallons of gasoline. When you run this generator at one-fourth load, you get approximately 18 hours of run-time, allowing you to have power during all of your waking hours. This is also plenty of time to get through an entire day on a worksite.

This generator weighs 256 pounds. However, you can still move it around easily since it has a wheel kit and a handle. Because of these features, you can pull it around without issue.

You will always know what is happening with your generator due to its iMonitor technology. This feature allows you to quickly check on a variety of operation statistics, such as the hours the unit has been running, battery volts, RPM and wattage. With this information, you can easily avoid overloading the generator and running out of gas.

It can run higher wattage items without a problem since it features a 120/240 voltage selector. Despite its high level of power, you can also safely charge and run your sensitive electronics since its total harmonic distortion level is low.

Take advantage of the stable power offered by this device thanks to its exclusive inverter technology. The Eco-Throttle system that is built into this device ensures you do not have problems with the carburetor, and you will enjoy improved fuel efficiency.